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Industrial Washing Machine
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Industrial Washing Machine is a component cleaning machine in which high pressurized degreasing/phosphating water is sprayed over mechanical products through nozzles in order to remove excess oil over the surface. It removes any grease, oil or other impurities on the components.
Featured with eco-friendly operator & low cost automation our washing machines offer low operating maintenance. Characterized with solid state design, they also offer immediate access to cleaning. They also offer three times reduction in electricity as compared to conventional washing machines and also have reasonable structure, easy operation and long-life service.
Based on the components and the required production, washing machines can either be batch type or continuous conveyor type.
The components are passed through series of stages which includes:
1) First Stage through pressurized hot water with degreasing agent
2) Dripping zone/ dry
3) Second stage (if required) hot water
4) Drying zone
In case of batch type system, the component is placed inside the washing machine and the sequence is set using PLC control. These washing machines are automatic and the operator only needs to load/unload the component.
In case of conveyorized washing machines (Single stage or multi stage), the components are loaded from one end and they go through series of stages before coming out of the washing machine, completely washed to be unloaded.
 Sr.no  Clients Name
 1   Gala Precision Technology Ltd. (Thane)
 2   Duro Shox Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)
 3  Gabriel India Ltd. (Pithampura)
 4  Gala Springs (Thane )
 5  Gabriel India Limited (Dewas)
 Sr.no  Clients Name
 6  Gabriel India Ltd. (Nashik)
 7  K.K.Industries (Mumbai)
 8   Motherson Sumi System Ltd. (Pune)
 9  Spicer India Ltd. (Pune)
 10  Shree Ganesh Foreigings Ltd. (Navi Mumbai)
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