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Spray Painting Booth
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We at Gel Engineering are known for customizing paint booths to suit the customer's requirement. With experience in over 290 companies and innumerable paint booths in various industries, we take pride in our acumen and knowledge in this field. Our paint booths are equipped with various equipments such as paint arrestor filters, blowers, extraction/washing chambers, filters etc which are manufactured and integrated under stringent quality standards. These features are properly designed as per the product and customer requirement to ensure that the optimum level of air draft is generated to assist in the removal of the over-sprayed paint from the air and improve the finish quality of the components.
We have supplied spray painting booths for wide range of applications across various industries including, but not limited to:
   a)  Automobile and Automotive Ancillaries
   b)  Heavy or Sheet Metal Fabrication
   c)  Equipments manufacturing
   d)  Wood Finishing
   e)  Space Research & Aeronautical components
   f)  Plastic Industry, etc.

Our Spray Paint Booths provide the following benefits:
Better Finish Quality - Spray Paint booth allows painting in a dirt-free environment and exhausts the over-sprayed paint particles away from the component providing better finish quality
Paint Savings - Spray booths help optimize air drafts, which lessens overspray and keeps more paint on the product.
Better Working Environment- The basic principle of painting booth ensures that the operators always breathes fresh air, thereby protecting him from the harmful effects of over-sprayed paint and solvent vapors.
Environmental Friendly- Paint treatment and solvent dilution level in the paint booth is maintained to levels which are permissible preventing any harm to the environment.

Types of Spray Painting Booths:
Based on the application, components and the surface finish quality, Gel Engineering has a wide range and types of paint booths to cater to every possible kind of application and industry
A) Based on the Filtering media used:
Based on the types of paint filtering media used, Painting Booths are broadly classified as:

1) Water-wash type:
In the water wash spray booth, a stream of air at very high velocity licks the surface of the water, entraining a large of water in the air. The over-sprayed paint particles remain in the water while the solvent vapors are exhausted out.

2) Dry-back Type:
Over-sprayed paint particles are exhausted towards an extraction chamber at optimum velocity due to the draft created by the exhaust blowers. These paint particles pass through two stages of filtration wherein they get trapped, thereby allowing only solvent vapors to exhaust out.

B) Based on the Air Draft Created:
Each of the Dryback or Waterwash type paint booth are customized based on the site conditions, size and weight of the components and material handling. Based on this, the paint booths are classified into 2 categories:
1) Side Draft: Incase of side draft paint booth, the air is sucked from the backside of the operator and exhausted away from him and the component in front of the operator. Such paint booths are useful where the components can be easily rotated since the operator can to paint in one direction only.

2) Down Draft: Incase some cases, the components are heavy and huge and it is not possible to rotate the component to paint on all sides. The operator needs to move around the component to paint. In such cases down draft type of paint booths are used. The air is sucked from the top of the paint booth and the draft is created in such a way that the air with over-sprayed paint particles is exhausted from the bottom of the booth.

C) Based on the Level of Filtration of Incoming Air:
The standard paint booth can control the exhaust and the over-sprayed paint particles from ruining the paint finish. However, the quality of air coming inside the paint booth, in terms of atmospheric dust level in the air can be controlled through various levels of filtration:
1) Open Booth:
In such booths, the air is sucked from the adjacent atmosphere and used for providing draft inside the paint booth.
2) Negatively Pressurized Paint Booth:
In such booths, the air draft is created due to the exhaust created by the exhaust blowers. However, the air is sucked through air filters which filters dust up to 20 size. Thus, the dust level in the incoming air is controlled in such paint booths.
3) Positively Pressurized Paint Booth:
Incase the component calls for finish of utmost quality, the paint booth can be pressurized by adding Filtered Air Inlet System, thereby, preventing any dust from entering the paint booth up to the size of 6. Air is first sucked from the atmosphere through primary filters and is forced into the paint booth by suction blowers through fine secondary delivery filters. The inlet airflow is designed in such a way that it is always higher than the exhaust in the paint booth, thereby, creating positive pressure in the booth and preventing any dust from entering.
 Sr.no  Clients Name
 1   Alaric Consolidated Enterprises ( Mumbai )
 2   Ami Industries ( Mumbai )
 3   Asian Paints (I) Ltd. (Mumbai / B'lore)
 4   Auto Riders Pvt. Ltd.(Mumbai)
 5   ABB Ltd. (Mumbai)
 6   Autoshox (I) Engg. Works (Kolhapur)
 7   Automatic Electric Ltd. (Thane)
 8   Anandji Haridas & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai )
 9   Alamgir Industries ( Ludhiana)
 10   Aureka Tamil (Nadu)
 11   Ajanta Steel Pvt. Ltd. (Kolkata)
 12   A-1 Finishers (Mumbai)
 13   Alps Industries( Silvassa)
 14   Al-Can Exports Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)
 15   Astra Metal Systems Pvt. Ltd.( Goa)
 16   A. G. Fibrotech (Kolkata)
 17   APT Controls & Appliances Pvt. Ltd.(Ulhasnagar)
 18   A. G. Fibrotech (Kolkata)
 19   Apex Printing Sleeves (India) Pvt. Ltd. Nashik
 20   Andritz Hydro Pvt. Ltd.(Mandideep)
 21   B.E. Pumps Pvt. Ltd. (Vishakhapatnam)
 22   Bharat Dynamics Limited (Medak)
 23   Bharat Fertilizers Inds. Ltd.(Thane)
 24   Bhawani Products (Mumbai)
 25   Bhushan Steel & Strips Pvt. Ltd. (Khopoli)
 26   Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd.( Nagpur )
 27   Bock India Pvt. Ltd.(Moxi. Vadodara)
 28   Cottor Plants (I) Pvt. Ltd.( Kalyan)
 29   Ajanta Steel Pvt. Ltd. (Kolkata)
 30   Crompton Greaves Ltd.(Goa)
 31   Crompton Greaves Ltd. (Ahmednagar )
 32   Co-operative Sports Industries Kolkata (Kolkata)
 33   Cosmos Construction (Chakan)
 34   Dandekar Industries (Pune)
 35   Delta Elastrometal Components Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)
 36   Delta Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (Vapi)
 37   DSCL Building Products (Navi Mumbai)
 38   Deepey's Furniture Pvt. Ltd. ( Bhivandi)
 39   Dew Point Air & System Engg. Pvt. Ltd. (Purandar )
 40   Electrica Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. (Navi Mumbai)
 41   Evonik Industries (Mumbai)
 42   Econ Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (Silvassa)
 43   FAB - Con Enterprises (Mumbai)
 44   Finishwell Engineers (Mumbai)
 45   Fenesta Building System (Bangalore)
 46   Getrimex India (Mumbai)
  47   Gabriel India Limited (Mumbai)
 48   Guardwel Industries (Vasai)
 49   Goa Paints & Allied Products (Goa)
 50   G. B. Rubber (Pune)
 51   Galaxy Glass Processors (Bhayander)
 52   Garnet Interiors Pvt. Ltd. (Khopoli)
 53   HD Fire Protect Company (Thane)
 54   H.P. Modi & Company ( Mumbai)
 Sr.no  Clients Name
 55   Hindustan aeronautics ltd. ( Bangalore )
 56   Eicher motors ltd.
 57   H J. Corporation (Mumbai)
 58   Hawa Valves Pvt. Ltd. (Navi Mumbai)
 59   HMT Internationl Ltd. ( Bangalore) .
 60   Harsh Paints Manufacturing Co. ( Nagpur )
 61   Innova Rubbers (Nasik)
 62   IBP Co. Ltd. (Mumbai)
 63   Jenson & Nicholson Pvt. Ltd.( Panvel )
 64   Kapila Spray Coaters (Mumbai)
 65   Mahalaxmi Industries ( Mumbai)
 66   M.K.Industries (Mumbai)
 67   Mayur Plastics (Mumbai)
 68   MAK Games & Musical Equip. Pvt. Ltd. (Cochin)
 69   Marigold Paints Pvt. Ltd. ( Gujrat)
 70   Mechano Engineering Co. ( Bangalore )
 71   Mahima Udyog (Hardwar)
 72   National Photoframe Co. ( Baroda)
 73   Niti Quality Products ( Mumbai )
 74   NAC Electro Works (Umargaon)
 75   N.R.Chosh & Co. Pvt. Ltd.( Kolkata)
 76   Niti Electricals ( Mumbai)
 77   Ordnance Factory ( Jabalpur )
 78   Orbit Coatings Pvt. Ltd. ( Pune)
 79   Padmavati Engineers (India) ( Gujarat )
 80   Pyrotech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. ( Udaipur)
 81   Polygraf General Industries ( Palghar)
 82   Perform Pen Co. ( Mumbai)
 83   Rachana Industries ( Mumbai)
 84   Raychem RPG Ltd. ( Nalagarh (H.P.))
 85   Ram Ram Hadicraft ( Kolkata)
 86   Raj Kamal Enterprise ( Mumabi)
 87   Sandvik Asia Ltd. ( Pune)
 88   Samsonite India Ltd. ( Nasik)
 89   Sparten Electricals ( Thane ) ( Pune)
 90   Samsonite India Ltd. ( Nasik)
 91   Suzuki Electroplaters ( Mumbai)
 92   Shalimar Paints Ltd. ( Nashik ) ( Kolkata)
 93   Schmalz India Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)
 94   Satyam (Fab) ( Bhopal)
 95   Tushaco Pumps Ltd. (Vapi)
 96   Tafe Access Ltd. ( Madras)
 97   Tristar Engineers ( Mumbai)
 98   Technipoint Mfg. Co. ( Mumbai)
 99   Thermo Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (Nashik)
 100   Universal Containers ( Mumbai)
 101   Ultraguard Industries ( Mumbai)
 102   Universal Construction Machinery (Pune)
 103   Vardent Telemetray ( Cochin)
 104   Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (Kerala)
 105   Voltas Ltd. ( Thane)
 106   Wipe Pvt. Ltd. (Lucknow)
 107   Yulsan Enterprises ( Mumbai)
 108   Yognik Enterprises ( Nashik)
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