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Industrial Ovens
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We at Gel Engineering manufacture industrial ovens for various heating applications such as drying, curing, baking etc. These are closed chambers where the components are heated using principles of convection or Radiation. These ovens are equipped with various types of temperature control and measuring equipments to control heating. The ovens consist of supporting structure, main body, heating chamber, Hot air circulation system, exhaust system and centralized control panel. Various safety features are also incorporated in these ovens to ensure operator ease and safety.

We manufacture two types of ovens which are classified as follows:
Forced Convection Oven: These ovens work on the principle of heat transfer through convection wherein hot air is circulated through the heating chamber as heat transferring media. The hot air transfers heat onto the component thereby attaining the desired temperature. Appropriate exhaust system to replace the air inside the oven and safety features, through the centralize control panel, ensures high efficiency of the ovens. Selection of source of heating depends on various factors such as temperature required, production rate, size and weight of the components etc.
Various sources of heating can be:
   1)  Electric Ovens
   2)  Diesel Fired Ovens
   3)  LPG Fired Ovens
Infrared Oven: Infrared Ovens are preferred only when the surfaces to be heated are flat. Since infrared ovens work on the principle of radiation, heating is limited to the region where the infrared rays are focused. The advantages of infrared ovens are that the temperature required to heat the components is achieved in lesser time. Also, incase only the outer surface of the component needs to be heated, the rays focuses on the outer surface and the heat loss due to heat transfer throughout the component is saved.
 Sr.no  Clients Name
 1   Anandji Haridas & Co (Mumbai)
 2   Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd. (Valsad)
 3   Bright Products (Bhivandi)
 4   Comau India Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)
 5   Dilip Chhabria's Design (Mumbai)
 6   Dharam-Ish Scented Products (Mumbai)
 7   Electrica Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. (Navi Mumbai)
 8   French Perfume Co. Ltd. (Bhivandi)
 9   Galvi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (Nashik)
 10   Hawa Valves Pvt. Ltd. (Navi Mumbai)
 11   IBP Co. Ltd. (Mumbai)
 12   Jenson & Nicholson Pvt. Ltd. (Panvel)
 13   Godrej & Boyce Ltd. (Mumbai)
 14  Gala Precision Technology Ltd. (Thane)
 15   Alcan Exports (Thane)
 16   Target Electrical Industries (Sudan)
 Sr.no  Clients Name
 17   Star Horological Industries (Rajkot)
 18   Sonodyne Technologies P.L. (Kolkata)
 19   Syndicate Auto Components (Rudhrapur)
 20   Shirodkar Preci Comp Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)
 21   Tough Coat Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai)
 22   Ultraguard Industries (Mumbai)
 23   U. I .C. T. (Mumbai)
 24   Victory Precisions Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)
 25   Yognik Enterprises (Nashik)
 26   Eicher Motors Ltd. (Pithampur)
 27   Mutual Industries (Mumbai)
 28   M. G. Autoprofiles (Hyderabad)
 29   Spicer India Ltd (Hosur)
 30   Spicer India Ltd (Lucknow)
 31   Spicer India Ltd (Satara)
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